Style Guides

Learn how to style a fixture like a pro with our helpful
tips and tricks on hanging lighting in any space.

In the Living Room

When placing a chandelier or statement piece in your living room, take the length of the room (in
feet) and multiply by the width of the room (in feet). Your answer changed to inches should be the
ideal diameter of your living room lighting.

In the Kitchen

When hanging a linear pendant above your kitchen island, be sure to
choose a fixture that leaves about 1/3 of your countertop space empty
(split between either side).

When placing 2 or more pendants over your kitchen island, be sure there is
about 30-36” of space between the bottom of the fixture and your countertop.
There should always be about 30” of space between each fixture.

In the Dining Room

When placing a chandelier or linear pendant over a dining room table, be sure to hang it at least
36” above the top of the table. To ensure balance in your design, it is best to allow for 6” between
the end of your lighting to the end of your table on each side.

In the Bedroom

When placing lighting over a bed, you want your chandelier to be perfectly sized for your bed. For a
Queen/King sized bed, 36” is usually a perfect fit. For a Full/Twin, 24” is best

In the Bathroom

When placing vanity lighting on either side of your mirror, place each fixture
around 28-30” from each other, and at least 60-70” from the floor

When placing vanity lighting above your bathroom mirrors, be sure to
choose lighting that is at least 5” smaller than the width of your mirror.
Lighting should be at least 70-80” from the floor.

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